Boost Revenue with Better Visibility through CRMS

CRM software can help make your sales or marketing job easier. It can boost productivity, help you keep track of clients and sales leads and help you stay organized even when you’re out of the office.

Onsite CRM Software

The nature of the Internet and the many changes brought about by it and related technologies ultimately mean that your customers and your marketing team are spending a lot more time talking to each other. While this can be a good thing in the long run, it puts a serious burden on your staff. One of the things you need to consider is whether or not everybody your team is going to be on the same page when talking to their customers.

That’s where your customer relationship management system can really pay for itself and then some. A CRMS lets every person in your company see the same information about every customer every time. This insures that the entire team is working together instead of each one starting over with new and different data every single time.

But CRM doesn’t stop there. A great system is going to do so…

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Lama Surya Das

Lama Surya Das

Surya Das (born Jeffrey Miller in 1950) is an American-born lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He is a poet, chantmaster, spiritual activist and author of many popular works on Buddhism; a teacher and spokesperson for Buddhism in the West. He has long been involved in charitable relief projects in the Third World and in interfaith dialogue. Surya Das is a Dharma heir of Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche, a Nyingma master of the non-sectarian Rime movement. His name, which means “Servant of the Sun” in a combination of Sanskrit (surya) and Hindi (das, from the Sanskrit dasa), was given to him by the Hindu guru Neem Karoli Baba. For more details visit here –

This Precious Life – Lama Surya Das

“The thing is that this life is so precious and mysterious, I don’t know what to say about it most of the time. Words are like birds, passing…

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Branza Inc. stresses the need for guarding high quality content

Content is the most important asset on the World Wide Web if you are managing a blog or a website. The content needs to be fresh relevant and unique. According to Branza Inc a leading SEO and Web Design company content is regarded as the King in the SEO industry. Its content and an intelligent link building or SEO strategy will help you climb up the SERP’s on any search engine. Content is something that is created with human intelligence and knowledge. There is no machine or program available up until now that can generate original unique and high quality content to attract visitors on the website.

If content is so important and so beneficial chances are that it will get stolen and used by people who are on the lookout for high quality content on the web and use it on their own websites or blogs. This is a common practice among low quality link builders as they try and get the maximum amount of content, spin it and post it on various web properties to gain links and ride up the SERP’s. The search engine algorithms are able to catch them but sometimes it may happen that the stolen duplicate article ranks much higher than the original piece because of strategies that are well implemented by SEO professionals.

According to Branza Inc there are various methods that can be utilized to protect your content from being copied and stolen by crooks present on the World Wide Web. According to content experts at Branza Inc you can put copyright notices at the footer of the content that has been placed by on your blog or website. This will act as a deterrent for few of the content harvesters. Apart from that chances are that someone may unknowingly copy the copyright information and place it the way it is on the articles they are claiming to be their own.

Physical barriers like watermarks can be added to images and videos that will act as a deterrent to the person using it. If in case someone uses it for their business it will be awkward for them to use it as your brand name is still visible. Professionals at Branza Inc. inform that although it is not a fool proof strategy it acts as a big deterrent to use anything that has a watermark or anything related to a different company on its images, videos or even content.

The best option Branza Inc content writers advises is using Google authorship to protect your content from being duplicated and used by people who don’t have the skills to write their own content. There is a catch for people who write as ghost writers or under a pseudonym. You have to enter your real name and claim your authorship. Once this is done Google knows your original articles and will not punish you for duplicate content if your content is duplicated and used by other people on the Web.

Once you have guarded your content it’s time to catch the ones who break that guard and manage to get away with your content. You can create Google alerts for the content you have made. This can be done by typing in your content within quotes into the search engine and then create an alert for the same. If someone publishes even a part of your content Google will alert you about the same. Once you have caught the offender you can take measures to check the pilferage and punish the offender.

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